Information for prospective graduate students

Villanova offers a very strong Master of Science in Biology program (my department does not grant Ph.D. degrees). I typically supervise one or sometimes two new M.S. students in each year’s cohort.

Our program accepts applications each winter. For full consideration, students must apply by 1 Feb. Decisions about admission happen first; decisions about Teaching Assistantships happen secondarily.

Note that not all accepted students receive TA support. Once the first round of acceptances has ended, the departmental Graduate Committee offers TAships to the strongest of the admitted students (only).

The sequence is important because in general, it’s not a good idea (IMHO) to enroll in our M.S. program without TA support: I do not have any current external funding for student assistantships, and completing the program while working full-time or even part-time is a bear. Students who do receive a TAship can count on support for two full academic years (four semesters), along with some summer support, contingent on successful progress.

Most students study something relating in one way or another to hybridization in chickadees … but I occasionally allow students to tackle other tangential projects (within reason) especially if they come in with lots of field and travel experience (and language skills where relevant).

Interested? Please contact me by email with a short summary of your background and primary area(s) of interest. Send me your resume also (with undergraduate GPA and GRE General Test percentile scores) so I can gauge your chances for gaining admission and (more importantly) for securing a Teaching Assistantship.