Field Ecology & Evolution

Format of the course sequence

  • Fall: lecture course (2 credits) focused on preparation for field trip
    • Bio 4451 undergraduates
    • Bio 8940 graduate students
  • Spring: lab course including required 2-week field trip before the start of the semester (usually)
    • Bio 4452 undergraduates
    • Bio 8941 graduate students
    • Note: occasionally, we offer the sequence with both the lecture and laboratory courses in the spring semester, in which case the field trip takes place in May (but still counts as a required part of the laboratory course)
      • This alternative version of Field Ecology & Evolution usually involves instructors other than Dr. Curry, with a regional focus other than the Neotropics; Dr. Russell’s Marine Biology version in S19 (with field trip to Sweden in May 2019) is an example


  • The lecture, field trip, and laboratory components are all required
  • Prerequisite for the course sequence
    • One or more courses in ecology, behavior, evolution, environmental science, or relevant organismal biology (e.g., entomology)
    • AND permission of the instructor

Next offering: Fall 2023 – Spring 2024, Costa Rica

We will post details about logistics and costs of this offering here as they come into focus.

Past offerings

Independent Projects in Costa Rica, January 2018