Dr. Curry teaches Villanova University courses at undergraduate and graduate levels. Some courses involve students from both levels.

Undergraduate courses

Bio 3255 Introductory Ecology

Lecture/laboratory course (4 credits) for science majors, with General Biology 1 & 2 as prerequisites (I might be able to accommodate others by permission). Fall semesters.

Bio 3952 Topics: Avian Ecology

This seminar course (1 credit) is for students already committed to carrying out research work in the Curry lab … or for those seriously considering doing so. {It is not appropriate for BIO Seniors who merely need 1 more credit to graduate, and have no reason to take the course beyond that.} Fall and Spring semesters. By permission only.

Bio 3955 Nova Scotia Natural History dsc_3581

Lecture/laboratory course (4 credits) for science majors, with General Biology 1 & 2 as prerequisites. Occasional offering during Summer Session III, as demand dictates. Introduction to natural history through hybrid format: online reading and discussion, and field trip to Nova Scotia. More…

I offered this course in Summer 2018. Next likely offering will be in Summer 2020; if you might be interested, please contact me.

Bio 4451 & 4452 Field Ecology & Evolution

This 4-credit course pair has an unusual structure: the lecture component (Bio 4451) takes place in Fall semester, and the required laboratory component (Bio 4452) takes place in Spring semester. The course sequence focuses on an extended field trip, usually to the Neotropics. In recent years, the trip has lasted 2 weeks, in the Yucatan region of Mexdsc_0057ico, with the trip scheduled between Christmas and the start of Spring classes on campus. Activities during the Spring semester focus on analysis of field-collected observations and data; discussion of the trip experience and related topics; and presentation of project results in oral and written forms. Course page (Likely next offering: F19 & S20)

Bio 5300 Conservation Biology

Capstone course (3 credits) restricted to Senior BIO majors. Spring semester, odd years. Course page (Next offering: F18; not offered in S19)

Graduate courses

Bio 7105 Vertebrate Ecology

Lecture/laboratory course (4 credits). Fall semester, even years (Likely next offering: S19)

Bio 7451 Behavioral Ecology

Lecture/seminar course (3 credits). Intermittent offering (Likely next offering: S20)

Bio 8940/8941 Field Ecology & Evolution

Graduate numbers for field course in the Neotropics (combined with Bio 4451/4452, with similar structure: Fall lecture, January field trip, Spring laboratory). Course page (Likely next offering: F19 & S20)