First-year Match opportunity in the Curry lab

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We have again been approved to hire a first-year student under the CRF Match program. I am accepting applications until 8 Nov. I will interview all applicants during November (after registration for S20 is behind us).

More explanation about the program and how to apply is available here.

The project emphasis this year will be on scoring song and video recordings from the field sites where we study hybridizing chickadees. There will also be opportunities to learn laboratory methods for analyzing chickadee genotypes in the lab.

I welcome applications from students with interests in animal behavior and ecology. We will be doing winter and spring fieldwork, too; an ideal applicant would be someone who enjoys hiking and nature observation, but this is not essential … because there will plenty of indoor work to keep the Match assistant busy!

Update (18 Nov 2019): applications for the Match position are now closed. I am interviewing the 12 first-year students who applied.

If you’re a first-year student reading this who did not meet the application deadline, please know that there are other ways to get started in research at VU besides the Match program: I encourage you contact individual and ask them about opportunities!