Postdoctoral Fellowship

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Update: unfortunately (for us), the fellowship went to a very strong applicant who work in the lab of one of my other departmental colleagues.

Villanova’s Dept of Biology seeks to fill a postdoctoral fellowship vacancy in organismal biology or ecology or evolutionary biology. This will be a half-time research and half-time teaching position: the fellow will gain experience in balancing both, and thus improve chances for tenure-track vacancies especially for positions that involve significant college-level teaching. The position will be for up to 3 years. We aim to hire someone who could begin either in January or August, 2017.

I encourage prospective applicants who might want to work under my mentorship to contact me about the position. I am just one of several faculty members interested in serving as primary mentor, and success in the application process will depend on development of strong research and teaching plans in consultation with the proposed mentor. I am especially interested in supervising a postdoc who would provide leadership in our studies of behavioral aspects of chickadee hybridization, using a focus on social networks or personality or both; I would also consider a candidate who would focus on “upgrading” the component of my research program concerning herbivorous Neotropical jumping spiders. Teaching under my mentorship could include some combination of courses in ecology, animal behavior, tropical natural history, or conservation biology.

Link to departmental page about the fellowships …

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